Occupational Therapist

Become part of a dynamic multi-disciplinary and engaging team in a nationally recognized organization! Work one-on-one with a diverse and geriatric case load in our collaborative environment in Therapy House Calls. Use state of the art equipment to improve overall functional outcome while maintaining the safety of patients and staff.
Evaluate clients, develop appropriate treatment goals and methods, implement the occupational therapy treatment plan, and complete all related documentation and record keeping regarding these services. This includes application of therapeutic techniques in areas such as cognitive skills, muscle strength, coordination, endurance, mobility, perceptual abilities, sensory awareness, sitting and standing tolerance, balance, activities of daily living, joint protection, work simplification, orientation, and psychological functioning.
Design and fit adaptive devices and train client in the use of adaptive devices including splints and orthotics.
Select appropriate activities suited to the individual's physical and mental capacity, intelligence level and interests.
Consult with other members of the rehabilitation team to select the most appropriate activity program consistent with the needs and capabilities of each client.
Instruct client in the skills and techniques required for participation in activities and evaluate client progress, attitudes, and behavior as related to rehabilitative potential.
Adapt program according to the needs of individual client.
Attend and contribute to client care, conferences and other related meetings.
Conduct training programs and participate in training medical, nursing and other personnel in occupational therapy techniques and objectives.
Clean, maintain, identify and report the need for repair of equipment as necessary.
Supervise supportive staff in accordance with state and professional standards.
Experienced OTs and new grads welcome!
Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy.
Current licensure as an Occupational Therapist in Massachusetts.

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