Transportation Driver

Part Time Transportation Driver
2-3 days a week
Responsible for transporting the Center Communities of Brookline residents via shuttle bus by following a daily schedule provided by the site. Ensure all safety precautions are adhered to and that all regular maintenance is done on the vehicle.
Assists tenants in and out of vehicle and provides assistance with parcels where required.
Assure that the maintenance schedule for vehicle is followed and checks vehicle to ensure it is in safe working order. (Inspect windows for cleanliness.) Reports changes in vehicles functionality to supervisor.
Arrives in time to fuel van and clean interior so departure is not delayed.
Strictly follows monthly transportation schedule and prohibits non-scheduled drop-offs and pick-ups.
Knowledgeable on how to handle an accident. Follows proper reporting procedures and provides assistance in all emergency situations.
Is aware of individual tenant needs in ambulation.
Follows all Commonwealth of Massachusetts laws.
Excellent driving record required.
Must possess a positive attitude and strong customer service skills.
Ability to be patient and adapt to change easily.
Ability to prioritize resident safety and ensure they are treated respectfully.

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