Coordinator of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mental Health for the METCO Program

4.1 Full-time 2 hours ago Full Job Description The Brookline METCO program values the importance of mental health and creating spaces for our students to openly and honestly discuss and share their experiences beyond academics. We believe when this environment is fostered students will feel empowered and inspired to be their best selves. As the Coordinator of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mental Health for the METCO Program, you will lead and direct programming for students and families and provide high quality professional learning for staff in the area of SEL and mental health. Qualifications: Master's Degree in Social Work or related mental health discipline and licensure as a School Adjustment Counselor required Bring commitment, knowledge, and experience that reflects the diversity of the METCO Program Be invested in educational equity, SEL, and mental health in improving the experience of METCO students and families Engage in the process of institutional change in the area of SEL and mental health services General Responsibilities: Included, but not limited to: Support adjustment counselors and advisors in their work to support students' social-emotional development Collaborate with school counselors, building principals, vice principals, and teachers Attend weekly meetings with METCO Director to discuss students and families supports Attend weekly meetings with adjustment counselors and Director of METCO Participate in ongoing professional learning Provide SEL professional development for district wide staff and leadership Provide events for family in the areas of social & emotional and mental health services Work with Director of Guidance and Clinical Services, PreK-12 to access the appropriate resources and programs available for METCO students and families Provide assistance and counseling to families during times of crisis Act as a liaison between home and school, providing input on home visits which are a required component of core evaluations Create and maintain METCO web-platform of services for students and families Attend parent-teacher conferences, when appropriate Attend initial IEP meetings and 3-year evaluations for students in the METCO Program Attend district admin meetings Provide consultation to school staff around issues and concerns pertinent to students of color and their families Assist in the planning and execution of students' leadership conferences Collaborate with community and national agencies to provide additional services to students and families Oversee SEL and mental health plan Provide regular communication to families and staff Summer programming and support for students and families Lead district internal review on SEL and mental health services (students and families) Utilize existing data, such as the Universal Screener, to inform planning, professional development, and intervention needs Identify opportunities to collect additional data such as student and parent surveys for ongoing program evaluation

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