Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn

4.2 Part-time Temporary 6 hours ago Full Job Description Overview: Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn (L2TT2L) is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEAM) program that engages you in the creative possibilities of technology, science and engineering as you develop personally meaningful projects and also serve your community. Playful curiosity is what is needed to succeed as a youth teacher; no experience expected! Returning youth teachers have asked that L2TT2L be a 100% in-person program with a Code of Care that helps keep everyone healthy and safe during these pandemic conditions. Young people will learn digital design and fabrication using a lasercutter, vinylcutter, 3D printer and digital embroidery machine. They will also be introduced to creative coding on the screen and off the screen with microcontrollers, tiny computers that make things light up, make sounds and move. Learning the basics of electronics, including how to design simple circuits and use a soldering iron will help youth build projects. They will learn to power projects using solar energy. Designing mechanisms will also be a part of what they learn. This year, we have a special project, where youth will build an origami paper microscope called a foldscope to be able to see microorganisms! Using art techniques such as painting and resin molds will help make projects pop! Youth teachers will serve the community, too, as they go out to teach in teams of 3 (each team with an experienced youth teacher!) at community organizations sharing what they have learned with elementary and middle school children & tweens in free 3-week summer STEAM (STEM + art) camps The young children and tweens usually love and admire the youth teachers and are eager for what they can learn from cool teenagers. Key Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Bring a playful curiosity and willingness to engage in learning new technologies and tools with the support of peers and college mentors.. 2. Develop imagination and creativity to design and build personally meaningful projects, using the technology, biology and engineering tools we will learn. 3. Create meaningful and satisfying relationships with your peers, the place where you work and your community using the Nguzo Saba principles, a Pan-African guide to living a good life. 4. Learn to teach what YOU learn and be a role model as you travel with teams of youth teachers, inexperienced and experienced, teaching 1 _ hour STEAM activities to children at community organizations all over Boston. The Ideal Candidate for this Job: 1. Playful curiosity and willingness to engage with new technologies and tools. 2. A desire to experience learning hands-on through building personal projects, rather than learning only through lectures or books. 3. An interest in making meaningful contributions to your community by teaching in teams what you learn to children and serving as a role model to encourage youth to consider the creative possibilities of technology and engineering. 4. Willingness to develop new relationships with yourself, your peers and your community that are positive and help make the world work for everyone. 5. Be committed to Code of Care practices that will help keep you and your colleagues and students safe during these COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

Don't Be Fooled

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