Phillips Brooks House Association

4.2 Part-time Temporary 1 hour ago Full Job Description Overview: Each Junior Counselor works with groups of children for seven weeks during the summer, implementing a self-designed curriculum implemented online. In the programs, Junior Counselors work with college-aged Senior Counselors. Junior Counselors are expected to keep in close contact with parents and community members to ensure the best possible camp experience for the children they are serving. All Junior Counselors are expected to work for one week of staff training, six weeks of camp, and one week of training after camp is over. You must commit to working from June 28 to August 13, and will have the option of working for an additional week. Key Duties and Responsibilities: I. Training Junior Counselors participate in a mandatory one-week training prior to the beginning of camp II. Camp Administration For most programs, Juniors Counselors, along with their Senior Counselors are expected to participate in general camp administration including but not limited group decision-making, general camp operational tasks, as well as taking an active role in fundraising for their program III. Teaching For most programs, Junior Counselors are expected to: Along with their Senior Counselor, develop a curriculum that fits the needs of their particular group of children, meet with families regularly to discuss their childrens progress, and share curriculum plans with parents and ask for feedback Design at least 1 hour of own curriculum a week Take an active role in leading classroom activities and co-teach with the Senior Counselor Discuss and share curriculum ideas with directors, senior counselor, and Leaders! Coordinator Serve as a mentor to the children in the camp Take an active role in modeling community building and leadership during camp collaborations VI. Leadership Each week Junior Counselors will meet with their Leaders! Director for one hour of workshops on leadership, activism and community organizing skills as well as reflection on their service experience. During the JC Weeks, the Junior Counselors from every camp will have opportunities for further leadership training, community building and ways to bring what they have learned over the summer back to their communities during the school year. VII. Midsummer Celebration All Junior Counselors will be responsible for planning and organizing the annual Midsummer Celebration. The Ideal Candidate for this Job: Desire to work with their community for social change, interest in children and education, tech skills to work in an online format (training will be provided also), language skills (Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Cape Verdean Creole, Vietnamese) will be helpful.

Don't Be Fooled

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