Transformative Culture Project

4.2 Part-time Temporary 1 hour ago Full Job Description Overview: The saying starving artist didn't come out of nowhere. According to the Center for Cultural Innovation and the National Endowment for the Arts, Making a living as an artist has never been easy, but broader economic trends such as rising costs of living, greater income inequality, high levels of debt, and insufficient protections for gig economy workers are putting increasing pressure on artists' livelihoods. In Massachusetts especially, with some of the highest costs of living in the country, it's difficult to follow your dreams, even if they can change the world. At TCP we're changing that. The Transformative Culture Project works with youth and adult artists to help them create social and economic power through their art. Key Duties and Responsibilities: Work with Creative Director to produce videos that the youth will direct. - Participate in workshops and trainings to learn how to operate DSLR cameras, audio, lighting equipment and post- production software. - Produce a personal project by end of the program that exhibits the skills acquired during the Program. The Ideal Candidate for this Job: Hard worker - Interested in media production - Curious to learn new things

Don't Be Fooled

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